Alternatives to Equipment Ownership Offer Flexibility

As increasing numbers of residential contractors develop more vertically-integrated business operations, they are beginning to turn to large equipment ownership alternatives in order to meet short-term project demands, manage costs and meet project deadlines. Canadian Contractor asked Scott Wakefield, rental sales manager for Finning Canada what’s behind the growing interest in options beyond straight ownership? 

“The construction business is a cost management business. The cost of new equipment and the after-purchase expenses associated with ownership – transporting, maintaining, repairing and storing, make equipment one of the primary costs of doing business. When you consider the impact of large down payments and financing, then add in varying project demands, workloads etc., having flexible options to manage equipment availability and costs becomes a necessity versus a nice-to-have. All of this makes renting or leasing an appealing alternative, provided companies are confident they can get the equipment when they need it.”

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