Compact Equipment Makes a Big Impact


More often, operators are now required to work in confined spaces and need greater maneuverability from their machines.

Compact equipment allows operators easy access to confined areas where larger equipment can’t effectively maneuver, such as urban settings. When you add in attachments and the equipment’s ability to perform many different tasks, a simple, single-use device is turned into a multi-purpose machine.

Compact equipment’s increased diversity and enhanced technology is translating into major productivity improvements, from earthmoving on a building site to landscaping a park.

The ease with which you can attach or detach an attachment adds to the productivity and time-savings on a job. Whether it’s moving gravel, pushing snow or hauling hay bales, compact equipment attachments are making jobs safer, faster and more precise, while offering the improved fuel efficiency of a smaller machine.

Read the full article by Doug Levoguer, Manager of Sales Excellence for Finning Canada in the Equipment Journal.