Finning Gives The Bouchier Group’s Cat 160M New Life For ConEXPO

Nicole Bourque-Bouchier and David Bouchier

Following a nationwide search for a high-hour machine that could be upgraded with new technology for the construction industry show, ConEXPO, Caterpillar discovered Finning’s customer, The Bouchier Group, had a 2008 Cat 160M motor grader with 24,000 hours still in operation. “Our Cat motor grader was chosen because it has the highest hours of any M series motor grader in North America and it’s still going strong,” said Nicole Bourque-Bouchier, CEO of Bouchier Group who shares ownership of the company with husband David Bouchier.

The machine has been around almost as long as the company that has been providing contracting, construction, maintenance and general site services in the Fort McMurray area for the past 13 years. “We started the company in 2004 with 15 employees and two pieces of equipment. Today we employ almost 1,000 people and have a fleet of over 250 pieces of heavy equipment and about 150 light vehicles,” says Nicole. The company takes pride in its Aboriginal ownership and has a strong focus on providing employment opportunities to people of Aboriginal descent. “David is a Fort McKay First Nation member and I’m a member of the Mikisew Cree First Nation and one of the ways we give back is by employing people of Aboriginal descent from all over Canada,” says Nicole.

“Cat equipment has shown its ability to hold up in our environment, year after year.”

The Bouchier Group was a perfect choice to take part in this endeavor as they have been long-time customers of Finning Canada and are big fans of Cat equipment. “David has always been a customer of Finning, and his very first piece of equipment was a used Cat dozer he purchased for his part-time business before we started the company,” says Nicole. Today, The Bouchier Group still has an affinity for Cat, which makes up ninety per cent of their fleet and it is the only brand of equipment they re-build. “Cat equipment has shown its ability to hold up in our environment, year after year,” says Nicole.

With only regular maintenance and repairs, it’s amazing The Bouchier Group’s 2008 Cat 160M is still in service after a whopping 24,000 hours of operation. It also makes it the perfect candidate for this technology upgrade. “The idea is to show customers that new technology can be effective, even on an old machine,” said Travis Drake, equipment sales rep for Finning Canada. “We installed advanced joy stick control, stable blade, grade control and auto articulation. Features that you would typically see on a new machine, not one that is nine years old and has 24,000 hours on it. Adding these technology upgrades to your existing machine would cost you 90% less than purchasing a new machine with this technology.” An appealing, economic option for operators. “We have a mix of new and rebuilt graders, some we've had since we started 13 years ago” says Nicole. “With proactive maintenance and component replacement we‘re keeping our Cat motor graders in operation longer.”

Bouchier’s technologically decked out 2008 Cat 160M motor grader will be on display at ConEXPO March 7 to 11 in Las Vegas. After the show it will be shipped to Fort McMurray and put back to work with the rest of The Bouchier Group fleet.


Equipment Management Extends Life of Cat® 160M Taking care of the little things keeps the Bouchier Group’s equipment running strong—like its Cat® 160M Motor Grader, which has accumulated 18,000 hours of operation and counting.