Powering Growth On The Farm

With 10 farms throughout Canada, Highline Mushrooms is the largest organic mushroom grower in the country, producing more than two million pounds of mushrooms per week. The Crossfield, Alberta mushroom farm has two large boilers and a chiller which is powered by a backup generator.  According to Mark O’Brien, interim farm manager of the Crossfield location, “The Cat generator is a safety net for us. It’s something we can’t be without.” Which is why it was critical Finning had a new high-density Cat C18 in stock that would fit the bill when their 43-year-old backup Cat diesel generator finally gave up the ghost. “Compared with other brands with a similar power output the C18 is efficient without impacting power capacity and it has a smaller footprint, increased fuel efficiency and, most importantly, lower upfront capital costs, which is a huge benefit to the customer,” says Bryce Burgeson, electric power sales rep for Finning.

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Highline Mushrooms - Powering growth on the farm