Ledcor connects entire fleet with VisionLink

Realizing advanced machine technology and telematics were becoming less of a business advantage and more of a business requirement Ledcor created an innovation committee with representation from across the organization to execute on innovative ideas that create value for their business. “Ledcor recognizes that innovation is a key success factor and strives to be an industry leader in creating and adapting innovative concepts to ensure a competitive advantage,” says Rod Wales, vice president Ledcor Contractors Ltd., Infrastructure.

Ledcor engaged the committee to help them find a solution to their connectivity issue. The process involved reaching out to Finning and a number of other providers to come up with an innovative approach to connect their entire fleet. “We needed a way to remove touch points from our field groups and improve the accuracy and frequency of collecting equipment hours and location,” says Tony Isidoro, general manager of Asset Management, Ledcor Group of Companies.

Steve Hain and David Stroshein with a Cat D6T

Finning provided a solution that would connect all 600 pieces of equipment in Ledcor’s fleet across North America. “VisionLink was the ideal connectivity solution for Ledcor,” says Steve Hain, major account rep, Finning Canada. “It is simple to install and almost instantly you can have visibility to what is going on with these machines—hours and location reporting, as well as fuel consumption and equipment inspections. The other component which was important to Ledcor, was the fact they could connect a mixed fleet. VisionLink gives you the ability to import data from other brands of equipment, which some other manufacturers struggle with.”

“Since the technology already exists, we sought to update the entire fleet to take advantage of the telematics solution,” says Isidoro. “We also see this as a starting point to leveraging future machine technologies.”

“To stay competitive, technology is a must for large construction companies,” says Hain.  “We are looking forward to working with Ledcor as they continue to build their technology capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.”