Powering the Next Generation of Gen Sets

When a Cat® gen set from the 70’s, powering a mushroom farm in Crossfield finally gave up the ghost after 43 years, it took just one phone call to get them back up and running. “We got a call from Highline Mushrooms who needed to replace their original backup generator and we were able to immediately send them a rental unit to get them back in business and we also had the gen set they needed in inventory,” said Bryce Burgeson who took the call. 

Originally, Highline just wanted a replacement model of the same Cat gen set as obviously it had been doing a fantastic job for over 40 years, but because it had been 40 years the new model would not fit in the existing footprint. “Fortunately we had something even better in stock,” said Bryce.  “We had just received the new high-power density C18 gen set”.

The output rating on this new generator has been increased from 600 to 750 kW’s of stand by power, this is quite an impressive feat as Cat is using a six cylinder, 18-litre engine to get the high-power output where previously a larger engine like a C27, 27 liter, V-12 gen set would be needed to grant this much power use. “The C18 is just as efficient without impacting power capacity and it has a smaller footprint, increased fuel efficiency and most importantly less upfront capital costs which is a huge benefit to the customer,” said Bryce.

This new high density C18 gen set is the first to be sold in Canada and we now have the upper hand over our competitors at the above set power range.

Cat Gen Set
Transporting new Cat C18 gen set to Highline Mushrooms.
Cat Gen Set
Equipment tag on original 1976 Cat gen set.