Using Technology to Attract a New Generation of Construction Workers

Technology is fast becoming an indispensable part of each and every function in construction – from keeping track of maintenance schedules, records, inventory and parts to the operation and management of equipment. Earthworks, once done manually, can now be done semi-autonomously with extreme accuracy; site surveying took days when done manually, and can now be completed in hours or just minutes using drones to fly the site; and GPS technology gives operators instant access to a detailed and accurate view of the terrain. Plus, increasingly, government tenders, large contractors and large projects are demanding the use of certain technologies as a requirement to win jobs, which means contractors not using the technology are no longer able to compete.

There is a growing awareness that those same technology tools that are helping companies keep costs down, operate more effectively and gain an advantage over the competition, can also help make the industry more attractive to the younger generation.

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