Finning Canada’s Indigenous Relations Guiding Principles

We recognize we have a role to play in supporting reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and broader society, noting that while our operations may be located on Indigenous lands, we do not initiate land or infrastructure development or resource extraction, but are service providers to customers that do.

We recognize the legal and constitutional rights of Indigenous peoples and the relationship between Indigenous peoples and their lands and resources.

We recognize that Indigenous peoples are an important part of the communities where we operate, and this creates an opportunity for mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships as we work to build and power a better world.

We align our approach with our core company values of passion, trust, collaboration and innovation and we will engage with respect, compassion and understanding, ensuring clear communication and expectations.

We are committed to:

•       Building capacity through training, apprenticeships, and employment.

•       Creating opportunities for shared value through educational initiatives and access to skill building programs.

•       Offering fair and equal access to contracting and procurement opportunities.

•       Developing long-term beneficial business relationships, that align with our customers’ and suppliers’ needs.

Photo credit: A painting representing various Indigenous cultures, made by Kelsi Bartake, Jordan Raymond and grade 12 students in Saskatoon, SK (UNESCO, 2017)