Cat Filters


Maintaining system cleanliness is an important part of reducing owning and operating costs. Cat Filters are designed for Cat Engines and component systems and provide the highest levels of cleanliness and performance. This protection reduces wear and maximizes component life.

Cat Filter Benefits:

  • Consistent Quality
  • Reliable Protection
  • Long Life

View Filter and Fluid Analysis Application Guide (PDF 16MB)


Measuring Filter Quality

Caterpillar is committed to providing customers with high quality, cost-effective fi ltration products designed to meet specific performance requirements. Cat Filters have the same consistent high quality no matter when or where they are purchased.

Testing has demonstrated that competitive “will-fit” filter suppliers offer products that vary widely in quality. Because of this, competitors often promote their filters based on comparative tests that do not represent actual field performance. Most troubling is the inconsistent use of absolute and nominal “micron ratings” than can be confusing and easily manipulated. Caterpillar does not publish the micron ratings of our filters.* Instead Cat Filters undergo a wide range of testing to demonstrate that they provide both the top level filtration and a superior construction that ensures excellent filtration is provided with each Cat Filter, even in the toughest conditions.


Cabin Filtration

A cleaner, more comfortable cab environment Two high efficiency filters, the Cat Dust Reduction and the Cat Dust and Odor Reduction Cabin Air Filters, improve ventilation and/or odor reduction in enclosed operator cabs. Advanced filtration technology reduces airborne irritants, creating a cleaner and more comfortable working environment for the operator. No equipment modification is needed for installation.

View Cat Cabin Air Filters Brochure (PDF 430KB)


Cab Air Quality Systems have been proven in Mining, Waste, Forestry and Agriculture, and are especially helpful with achieving compliance where operator exposure to harmful particulate is regulated. The Cab Air Quality System is economical and cost effective at providing clean air to your HVAC system.

View Cab Air Quality System Brochure (PDF 2MB)


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