Hydraulic assembly

Cylinders and Rods

Most new and Cat Reman cylinder rods are induction-hardened and inertia-welded. The resulting superior strength and dent resistance deliver longer component life and reduced risk of system contamination.

Hardened Area

  • Hardness beneath the surface
  • Greater resistance to bending and denting
  • Longer rod and seal life
  • Less risk of system contamination
  • New and Cat Reman

No Hardened Area

  • No hardness beneath the surface
  • Easier bending and denting
  • Greater risk of system contamination

Cat cylinders feature an innovative sealing system that absorbs pressure spikes, withstands side loading, and guards against contaminant entry better than competitive designs. For more information, view Cat's Cylinder Rod Seals brochure.

Bore skived and roller burnished tubes – These manufacturing processes used by CAT produce a highly symmetrical bore with a surface finish that provides long seal life.

Thick Tube Walls – This feature, which often permits CAT cylinders to be honed oversize, can extend cylinder life in many applications.

Inertia Welded Rods for Added Strength

The critical rod-eye joint on most new and CAT Re-man rods is a continuous weld produced by friction heat.

Continuous Weld

  • Continuous bond delivers superior strength at rod/eye joint
  • Longer rod life
  • Lower operating costs
  • New and Cat Reman


  • Weaker weld makes rod susceptible to cracking and breaking

Changing with Technology:

  • Position-sensing cylinders
  • Designed for hydraulic systems integrated with electronics
  • Improve productivity by enhancing operator control
  • Have an embedded sensor which provides position feedback to the operator
  • Integrated with AccuGrade and Auto Carry technology

Advanced Surface Technology (AST) For Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Reconditioning:

Introducing a new high-velocity thermal spray process for resurfacing hydraulic cylinder rods and other cylindrical components.
Advanced Surface Technology offers several advantages over traditional chrome plating:

  • Can last up to three times as long in the same application
  • Offers better wear resistance
  • Reduces time required to complete repairs
  • Is more environmentally friendly