Cat hoses and hydraulics

Hydraulic System Management

Hydraulic system management helps control costs and extends your equipment's life. Proper hydraulic system management with planned service intervals will minimize downtime and add resale value that will have a great impact on profits.

For more information including a complete checklist on controlling contamination and performing other system management activities, view our Hydraulic System Management Guide.


What is contamination?

  • Anything foreign to the system
  • Particulates (examples: dirt, metals, water)
  • Heat and air

How do particulates get in?

  • Damaged rods and wiper seals
  • Unfiltered new oil
  • Poor maintenance and service practices
  • Improperly cleaned hoses

What are the effects of contamination:

  • Accelerated component wear
  • Cylinder drift
  • Jerky steering
  • Increased fuel usage
  • Possibly component failure
  • Slower performance (hydraulic system efficiency can erode 20% before the operator detects there’s a problem)