Cat oils, grease and fluids


Cat Oil is specially developed to maximize component life by resisting oxidation, preventing buildup, and maintaining proper viscosity. Each type of oil undergoes extensive testing processes to demonstrate long service life. Oil drain intervals may be extended with the Cat S•O•S Services Oil Analysis Program and Cat filters.

Each oil product is specifically designed to maximize component wear, and offer superior protection. They can be used in a variety of applications and components.

View Cat GO Oil Brochure (PDF 943KB)

View Cat Synthetic GO Brochure (PDF 236KB)

View Cat DEO Cold Weather Brochure (PDF 262KB)

View Cat Bio HYDOTM Advanced Brochure (PDF 2MB)

View Cat HYDO Advanced 10 Brochure (PDF 519KB)

View Cat TDTO Cold Weather Brochure (PDF 257KB)

View Cat FDAOTM Oil Brochure (PDF 852KB)

View Cat FDAO Synthetic Oil Brochure (PDF 1MB)

View Cat TDTOTM Oil Brochure (PDF 980KB)

View Cat TDTO-TMS Oil Brochure (PDF 234KB)

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