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Weight 337.3 lb 153.0 kg
Width 14.9 in 379.0 mm
Length 30.5 in 775.0 mm
Overall Height 7.6 in 348.0 mm
Pin Diameter 2.4 in 60.0 mm
Machine Class 10 Ton Excavators 10 Ton Excavators
Interface Type Pin On Pin On
Required Hydraulics Dedicated Factory Installed Dedicated Factory Installed

Hydraulic Cylinder Lock

Hydraulic cylinder lock maintains positive pressure on bucket pin, ensuring a consistent and reliable connection to your attachment.

Secondary Lock

The secondary lock is independent of the cylinder and ensures the connection of the attachment to the machine.

Visual Verification Tab

The visual verification tab allows the operator to visibly confirm, from the cab, that the coupler has successfully locked the attachment into place properly.