24M Grader (B9K and B93)

Course Date

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Course Length



Course Length: 3 days (10 hrs/day)
24M Product Course for serial prefix B9K and B93 .

PPE Required

Participants must provide their own safety glasses, steel toed footwear, gloves, hard hats and fire retardant coveralls with reflective stripe.


Customer must supply machine for practical portion of class, to be available throughout the class duration. All training done on customer site will be in accordance with site policies and procedures


NOTE: Course objectives are reviewed by the customer and may be altered to accommodate the required content customers are requesting to meet their focused objectives.


 After completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Identify and explain functions of operator controls


  • Identify sensors and describe operation

  • Trace fuel flow and identify /explain operation and function

  • Inlet and exhaust flow

  • Be able to explain how to pin TDC #1, perform valve set and injector timing

  • Explain function and operation of compression brake

  • Explain engine control functions ie: derates, low voltage, cold engine idle 

Power Train

  • Identify power train components

  • Trace oil flow paths

  • Describe operation of lockup torque convertor

  • Explain operation of ECPC transmission and when to perform calibrations

  • Pressure test and perform calibrations

Hydraulic and Steering Systems

  • Explain function of electrohydraulic valve

  • Understanding of PPPC hydraulic systems

  • Proper set up of variable displacement pump

  • Understanding of the resolver network on the 24M motor grader

  • Ability to understand hydraulic schematic ISO symbols

  • Pressure test and perform calibrations, ie: margin pressure, signal relief , high pressure 

Brake and Fan Systems

  • Identify and explain operation and function of brake/fan system components

  • Explain how to safely service the brake /fan system

  • Ability to test the brake system, properly charge accumulators

  • Calibrate and adjust fan speed and margin pressure

Successful completion of a written examination with a passing grade that is established by the customer prior to exam:  (Customer ranges can vary - 70%, 75%, 80%).