3G VIMS for L.M.T. (Large Mining Truck)

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3G VIMS for the “F” Series Large Mining Truck.

PPE Required

Due to COVID-19 restricitions, face masks will be required when physical distancing cannot be acheived.


Students will be encouraged to bring their own laptops to class, and to make sure they all have the correct set-up, up to date programs/data-base files that are required for successful communication with the 3G VIMS on-board system.

Some requirements that would be beneficial to attending personnel would be as follows:
- Prior working knowledge of VIMS and previous exposure on the machine.
- Must have “power user rights” or “Admin Rights” on the laptop they bring to class.


Topics and information covered in the 2-days are as follows:

  • Explain the difference between legacy VIMS and 3G VIMS.

  • Background on the new 3G VIMS and O.S. required to receive the full functionality.

  • How “Advisor” has been incorporated into the VIMS platform.

  • Operation of 3G VIMS while connected to the machine and the process of communication with the on-board system.

  • Basic set –up and configurations for 3G VIMS and Product Link / Vision Link, along with the background with wireless 3G VIMS Finning (Canada) is using. 

  • Background on the operation of Product Link/Vision Link and the two different operating platforms available within the main system.

  • Machine practical, and some troubleshooting overview.