789D Mining Truck

Course Date

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Course Length



Course Length: 3 days (10 hrs/day)
This course will cover the machine orientation, location of components, maintenance locations and procedures, systems operation, and testing and adjusting of the 789D Mining Truck.

PPE Required

Safety glasses, steel toed footwear, hard hats and fire retardant coveralls with reflective stripe.


S Levels and MEC.


After completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Identify and explain the function of the components in all the systems.

  • Perform diagnostics in the Engine, Transmission/Chassis ECM and Brake Electronic Control systems using the Caterpillar Monitoring System and the Electronic Technician (ET) diagnostics tool.

  • Perform and interpret transmission/torque converter, steering, hoist, and brake performance tests.

  • 3500C Engine sensor and component locations , coolant ,oil and fuel flows

  • Transmission / Chassis Electronic Control System, 

  • ICM Hydraulic Transmission Control, pressure testing and diagnostics

  • Steering System, pressure testing, operation, schematic reading

  • Electronically Controlled Hoist System , function operation , testing 

  • VIMS, downloading 

  • Brakes, operation, air system, hydraulic system

  • Brake Electronic Control System

  • Auto Retarder Control (ARC)

  • Traction Control System (TCS)

  • Truck Production Management System (TPMS) Systems, calibration

Successful completion of a written examination with a passing grade of 80%