973C Track Loaders – BCP/LDX 

Course Date

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Course Length



Course Length: 4 days (8 hrs/day)
The 973C Track Loader Course will give the participant an overview of all machine systems on the Track Loader. Focus will be given to each individual system of the machine - including Engine, Powertrain, Implement Hydraulics and Electrical.

PPE Required

Participants must provide their own safety glasses, steel toed footwear, gloves, hard hat, hearing protection, and coveralls with Hi-Visibility Markings.


Red Seal Heavy Equipment Certification


 After course completion - the participant will have the ability to:

  • Identify each of the individual Machine Systems

  • Locate and identify all service points on the Machine

  • Locate and Identify all Operator controls

  • Locate and identify all of the main components for the Engine

  • Locate and identify all of the components in the Powertrain System 

  • Trace oil and energy flows through the Powertrain System

  • Locate and identify all of the components in the Implement Hydraulic System 

  • Trace the flow of oil through the Implement Hydraulic System

  • Locate and identify all main components in the Electrical System 

  • Identify and trace specific electrical circuits in the Electrical System

  • Apply troubleshooting skills to what was learned in the classroom - to the shop environment

Successful course completion - with a written examination passing grade of 80%.