Hydraulic Systems (S1)

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Course Length



Course Length: 4 days (8 hrs/day)
This course covers basic hydraulic theory as well as some of the more advanced systems used on Caterpillar equipment. Technicians gain a better understanding of flow/pressure controls, pumps, actuators, schematic interpretation and troubleshooting. 

PPE Required

COVID-19 protection. (No shop time is required for this course)


Apprentice or Ticketed Technician


After completion of the course the participant will be able to: 

  • Explain the basic physics of Fluid Power. 

  • Read and interpret a hydraulic schematic. 

  • Understand Troubleshooting fundamentals.

  • Identify different types of pressure control valves, operation and applications. 

  • Identify different types of flow control valves, operation and applications.

  • Identify different types of pumps, operation and applications.

  • Identify different types of actuators, operation and applications.

  • Understand and explain proper contamination control methods.

  • Identify different types of conductors, fittings, and applications.

  • Explain the operation of an LSPC system.

  • Explain the operation of a PPPC system.

  • Explain the operation of a ball resolver network.

Successful completion of a written examination with a passing grade of 80% .