Motor Graders 14M – 16M Series

Course Date

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Course Length



Course Length: 4 Days (8 hrs/day)
The course will provide the participant a comprehensive overview of the 14 -16M Series of Motor Graders. Individual Machine Systems including Cab, Engine, Powertrain, Working Hydraulics, Steering, and Brake/Fan Circuit will all be identified and reviewed.

PPE Required

Participants must provide their own safety glasses, steel toed footwear, gloves, hard hats, hearing protection, and coveralls with Hi-Visibility markings.


HET Certification of participants.


After course completion the participant will have the ability to:

  • Compare and state the similarities and differences of the 14M and 16M models respectively.

  • Locate and identify the key components for all Machine systems.

  • Locate and identify all service points on the Machines.

  • Discuss major service/maintenance procedures.

  • Identify the engine models used for both the 14M and 16M models.

  • State the function of the components in the Powertrain System.

  • Trace the flow of energy throughout the Powertrain System.

  • Pressure test the Transmission for proper clutch operation - and perform clutch fill calibrations.

  • Identify and define the separate functions of the Primary - and Secondary Steering Systems.

  • Identify and discuss function of the components in the Pilot and Implement Hydraulic Systems.

  • Trace the flow of oil through the Pilot and Implement Hydraulic Systems.

  • Identify the PPPC Hydraulic components - and locations in the machines.

  • Pressure test and adjust the PPPC Hydraulic System to optimize machine functionality.

  • Identify the components of - and discuss functionality of the Brake/Fan Circuit.

Successful course completion - with a written examination passing grade of 80%