Service Information System 2.0 (SIS2) - VILT

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Course Length



The Service Information System 2.0 virtual instructor led training (VILT) introduces participants to the features and functionality of the Caterpillar SIS 2.0 web based parts and service information.
Duration: 1 day – 8 hours


*Must have an active CWS login* Note: Use Google Chrome web browser

Time commitment of 8 hours per day to attend virtual training session.

Dedicated clean and quiet space to attend virtual training, preferably with a headset and a second monitor attached to view live demonstrations while following along with hands on exercises.

Basic computer navigation skills, understanding of files and folder management would be beneficial for the participants as these functions will be used during the course.


After completion of the course, the participant will be able to navigate the SIS 2.0 website to locate parts and service information. Participants will receive hands on training experience related to: 


  • Using the navigate and search functions  

  • Locating product configuration  

  • Build and export a parts list  

  • Parts information  

  • Downloading software files  

  • Additional links (where applicable)