Man welding Cat equipment

Machining, Specialization, Welding

Specialization Area

There are several components that come together to make up a fully operational machine. In the specialization area of our service shops, our technicians are focused on ensuring all of these components are fully functioning.

If you need any specialized servicing done to your equipment, contact a member of our team at 1-888-346-6464.


  • Cylinder block inspection
  • Lifter bore and lower liner sleeving
  • Top deck resurfacing and repair
  • Cylinder head resurfacing
  • Measure/inspect/polish cranks and cams as needed and ensure they are within reusable guidelines
  • Fuel injection pump housings and turbo chargers salvage
  • Exhaust manifolds resurfaced and updates performed
  • Front and rear covers resurfacing, welded/machined or sleeved
  • Output yokes/shafts seal areas repaired with spray welding


  • Inspections of all housings, pistons, stator wheels and impellors to determine if within reusable guidelines
  • Reaction plate dowel holes sleeved and faces reground
  • Spray welding of seal areas on all shafts and input/output yokes
  • Planetary housings


  • Housing and carriers skimmed, welded and machined to original specifications
  • Bevel gear replacement

Final Drive

  • Axles, spindles, hubs and shafts all have bearing journals and bores that can be salvaged by conventional or spray welding
  • Duo cone seal area repair
  • Planetary housings
  • Sprocket hub bores and sprocket segment faces resurfaced
  • Brake, tandem, inner outer axle housings
  • Wheel hubs/rims

Frame and Undercarriage

  • Articulation bores welded/machine back to original specs
  • Oscillating axle supports, pinion and support housings
  • Telescoping recoil frames / equalizer bar/pivot shaft bore holes
  • Idler and bogie mounts
  • Key slots
  • Ripper, axle, equalizer bar and boom mount bores(crawlers)
  • Circle, drawbars, mouldboard brackets rebuilt(graders)
  • Implement mounting bores /brackets
  • Hitches, brackets, steering links(scrapers)
  • Idlers-outside diameters turned/inside bushing bores welded and machined to new specs. New thrust washers installed on caps.


  • Drums and discs inspected and skimmed within reusable specifications
  • Steering clutch housings have outer braking surface that can be resurfaced and internal splines that wear and can be skimmed, deburred and put back into service (crawlers)


  • All cylinders repaired, rebuilt or fabricated
  • Pump shafts, housings and plates reconditioned


Service Department Speciality Tooling

The Rottler

This machine can resurface up to 36″ in width and has 108″ of travel. It has a 44″ height clearance.

  • Cylinder block / head machining-line boring, resurfacing, sleeving, inserts on all Cat engines up to 3516
  • Engine / transmission covers and casings
  • Generator end housings
  • Idlers, axles and equalizer bars
  • Cylinder / link ends
  • Oil pans
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Fuel injection pump housings

Boring Mill

The dimensions of work piece is only limited to a weight of 6600 lbs. We can adapt table to fit large work pieces up to 16’ height x 12’ width or larger and 30’ long or longer if needed. This machine is capable of turning external and internal threads.

Machining parameters are as follows: 44” spindle height, 63” cross travel and 49” longitudinal travel.

  • Drawbars, axles, side shift brackets and tubes, tandem housings
  • Cylinder ends, bores mounting faces
  • Idlers, wheel and sprocket hubs, rims(all bearing bores, duo cone seal areas)
  • Gear boxes ,oil pans and exhaust manifolds

Manual Lathes

The lathes are capable to swing up to 54″ and 14′ in length.

  • Spray welding and machining of all bores and journals up to lathe max. parameters
  • Cylinder rods ,pistons, heads and barrels
  • Pivot bars and shafts (these require a critical surface finish)
  • Pins built out of IHCP material
  • Brake housings, brake discs idlers sprocket hubs, inner ,outer final drive housings
  • Engine covers, end bells
  • Polish, measure inspect cranks, cams ,cylinder rods and any and all shafts

Underwood Hydraulic Cylinder Hone

  • Capable of honing hydraulic cylinder barrels and engine liners with diameters from 2”-24” and lengths up to 20’

Portable machining/welding

  • Capable of machining bores and faces up to 13” dia. and as far apart as 16’ or longer
  • Any and all bores and faces on all machinery and components
  • Large scale welding projects including: mining shovel components - dippers/doors/drillmasts/off highway truck chassis etc.
  • Small scale welding projects including: rebuild motor grader moldboards/front axles and drawbars.

Portable engine block repair – portable insert cutte

  • Capable of cutting all Cat blocks for top deck inserts
  • The blocks erode around coolant holes and where the gasket has failed. The edges around the liner seats also become worn or “low” and can become damaged from techs cleaning and buffing edges rounding them off.
  • In many cases this goes undetected and causes premature gasket failure down the road

Portable block honing

  • We can hone cylinder blocks in frame if needed

Thortex repair

  • In some cases we can repair lower liners and top decks with thortex, a specialty industrial coating product