3600 Low Emissions Control Kits

Lower your emissions and reduce your overall costs with our Low Emissions Control Kits. These kits are built to lower greenhouse gas emissions on 3600 A4 and 3600 A3 engines.

3600 A4 Gen 2 Emissions Controls Kit benefits

33-44% reduction in methane emissions
14-24% reduction in CO2
6-8% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
Lower aftertreatment costs
Significant hydrocarbon reduction
Easier to permit
Commonality among A4 Engine series
Minimally invasive upgrade kits
A4 Kits A4 Kits

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G3600 A3 Emissions Control Kit benefits

33-44% reduction in methane emissions
20% reduction in CO2
7% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
Minimally invasive lower-cost upgrade kits
Significant hydrocarbon reduction
Negligible change in heat rejection
No impact to engine life and service intervals

About the 3600 Gen Sets

Our Next Gen G3600 engines have seen proven success. They are a powerful and reliable standard for gas compression applications. These engines are known for their longevity in the oil and gas industry and are built to last.

A4 Kits A4 Kits


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