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Save on Fuel Costs

We’re proud to partner with 4Refuel, a leader in fuel management. 4Refuel saves you time and money, delivering diesel fuel directly to you and your equipment; anytime and anywhere, 24/7! We help lower your refuelling costs and increase your efficiency and productivity. With over 20 years of experience, 4Refuel's service is reliable, simple and safe. 4Refuel gives you a new level of control over your fuel management. 

Mobile On-site Refuelling

Starting every day with your equipment ready to go is a top priority. With over 200 trucks across 900 cities in Canada, 4Refuel's mobile on-site refuelling services can keep you going 24/7/365 - wherever you are, no matter what industry.

Why 4Refuel?

  • 24/7/365 auto-fill or emergency delivery
  • Service to remote areas
  • Diesel gas and DEF delivery
  • Remote, electronic tank monitoring
  • Tank rentals available with variety of sizes
  • Powerful and comprehensive fuel reporting

Fuel Management Online

Fuel savings are one of the biggest areas you can improve your bottom line. With 4Refuel's industry-leading Fuel Management Online system, you can track your fuel down to the last drop. In addition, it helps you with fuel reconciliation, protection against theft, and even understanding how to accurately forecast for future projects. 

Calculate Your Savings

What does downtime mean to you? Refueling your equipment means lost productivity and labour hours that could be better spent on the jobsite.  How can 4Refuel help save you time and money? Why not calculate it?

Connect With Us

Take advantage of 4Refuel's expertise and seamless integration with your business.  Get in touch today to schedule on-site refuelling, or to enquire about how our fuel management solutions can help save you money AND time!

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