Cat 538/568 Forest Machines

Move more timber and make more money with superior performance and unmatched operator comfort.

Performance in forestry work is delivered by the Cat 538 and 568 Forest Machines. Offering increased swing torque, a powerful yet fuel efficient engine, and high-performance hydraulics, these machines excel at the needs of your forestry processing needs. Available models optimize the machines for general forestry work, or for log loading.


  1. The Certified Forestry cab gives you 25% more room with 50% greater visibility.

  2. Get in and out of the cab easier with a wider and taller door and tilt-up console; the Log Loader configuration offers an option rear-entry.

  3. Stow your gear with in-cab storage beneath and behind the seat and in the consoles.

  4. New dual HVAC system keeps operators comfortable in cold or warm weather.

  5. Roof lining and window/door sealing reduces noise for a quiet work day.

“It’s not cramped like the old ones there’s more room. My operators are in the machine for 10 -12 hours and they’re not sore or fatigued at the end of the day.”


  1. Up to 10% more productivity with increased swing torque, higher ground clearance and faster travel speed.

  2. The Cat® C7 engine is fuel efficient and can run on biodiesel B20.

  3. Pick and place logs with precision and power with the all-new electrohydraulic control system and on-demand Heavy Lift mode.

  4. Smart mode helps reduce fuel consumption by automatically matching engine and hydraulic power to working conditions.

  5. Auxiliary hydraulic options let you use Cat grapples and a variety of other attachments.

“I just love the performance on this machine, The swing torque is really nice, especially in this heavy wood. You’ve got more traction and control from the track power and it’s faster. The old machine did 100 pieces an hour, and with this one you can do a fair bit more than that.”


  1. You can expect up to 15% less maintenance costs than the previous model.

  2. Diesel particulate filter requires no maintenance.

  3. High-efficiency cooling fan runs only when needed.

  4. Improved filtration and longer 3,000 hour service life with the new hydraulic oil filter return.

“With the increased fuel capacity, I don’t need to fuel up every day, I can go three 10-hour shifts no problem and having the extra weight in the back means the stability is really good on it.”

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