Finning Celebrates 88 Years

For 88 years we've been proud to work alongside communities and customers in Western Canada. From our humble roots when Earl B. Finning first started the company, to over 50 branches today, this is home - and we couldn't have done it without you. Keep reading to learn more about our "Finning Firsts."

First Branch

When our first branch opened in 1937, we proudly followed Earl B.’s philosophy, “We service what we sell”. Today we look to our past as an inspiration for the future. Look how far we’ve come. 

First Leader

Earl B. Finning founded Finning Tractor and Equipment Co. Ltd in 1933, in the middle of the depression with “damn few dollars and a lot of courage”. At just 36, he became the youngest dealership owner in Caterpillar history.

First Team

A look back on how we have grown as an organization. Earl B. Finning had faith in the product and his employees and put every cent he had into the company. By 1939 the original team of 6 had grown to 38 employees. 

First Mechanic

In 1928 our first mechanic Con Gurney, joined the team. Thanks to Con we were able to start providing machine repair services. He was also the inspiration for Earl B. Finning’s motto “We service what we sell”.

First Dealer Rebuilding

Did you know we were the first dealer to have a specialized department focused on rebuilding parts? This process was later adopted by Caterpillar and other dealers.

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