Are you suffering from Fluidium?

You probably don't even know you have it. But a serious condition known as Fluidium afflicts millions of equipment owners and operators around the world, and it's spreading at an alarming rate. The worst part? It causes performance issues with your equipment, including loss of productivity. But don't panic — your we can diagnose Fluidium and get you on the road to a fast recovery.

Healthy machines run on the right fluids

Think oil is oil and grease is grease? Think again. Different systems and applications call for specific fluids, and you’ll find exactly what you need at Finning or online at Parts.Cat.Com. Choose from 300+ oil, grease and coolant products — available in a variety of package sizes to meet your needs — all developed just for your machines and applications.

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2.5 Gallon relief now available!

Select Cat Oils are now available in 2.5-gallon plastic jugs — perfect for top-offs or smaller volume oil change requirements.

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Better performance in both field and lab

Cat HYDOTM Advanced 10 Oil shows significantly less visible wear than industry-standard hydraulic oil when tested side by side under severe conditions. The piston pump with industry-standard oil failed at 178 hours — but the HYDO Advanced 10 remained in excellent condition after 200 hours.

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Want more information?

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