Improvements to Live Chat

As technology has evolved, so have our demands for a more seamless customer service experience. Not everyone has time to call a representative. That’s why we offer our customer’s Live Chat, an alternative to calling in.

Our Live Chat platform has been updated with new functionality to continue to serve you better with the following new features:

  • Sending files - This new feature allows our customers and customer service representatives to add attachments such as photos and other relevant files directly to a chat. This means you can easily share more information related to your questions or issues.
  • Screen sharing - This new feature allows a customer to share their screen directly with a customer service representative in real time so they can navigate web pages collaboratively and securely. This means that complex online tasks and processes can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Click on the Live Chat button on the bottom right of your window throughout our site whenever you need help or have any questions. Chat with us today!