3 Key Pieces of Equipment for Your Construction Business

23 March 2021

Whether you’re just starting a construction business or you’re looking at scaling your business, it’s important to understand what equipment you’re going to need. Naturally, this will depend on the projects you’ll be doing, but it’s safe to say that there are some key pieces you can start with to build your fleet both economically and effectively.

But before we talk machinery, let’s look at how to get that equipment into your hands. While buying equipment is a popular option, it might not be best in today’s uncertain economy. This is especially true if you’re just starting out in business. Buying equipment is a major investment, and there are numerous risks.

When you rent equipment, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs or about having the equipment sitting unused for part of the year. Once you know your business is rocking and you’re going to steadily use a piece of equipment, then you can buy it so it’s available to you at all times.

Key pieces of heavy equipment

Skid steer or compact track loader

Access to one of these pieces is absolutely necessary for any small construction company. Which you choose depends on a few factors, but you’ll need one of them to allow you to dig, do demolition work, and move material.

One of the great things about skid steers and compact track loaders is that you can buy or rent various attachments that allow you to do a broad range of jobs. This makes your construction business versatile and increases your ability to meet your clients’ needs.


Today’s excavators can be used for much more than just excavation. Attachments allow you to use this key piece of equipment for such tasks as grappling, augering, and backfilling. With this machine in your fleet, you can dig, do rough grading, lift heavy objects, and install pipes.

Cat® offers micro, mini, small, and large excavators and a number of different models in each size. Your choice will depend on the projects you’re doing and other factors. We can help you decide which one is right for you.


We mentioned them earlier, and we’re bringing them up again because, while not actual machines, attachments can transform your skid steer, compact track loader, or excavator, making your equipment more versatile.

Smart attachments like the Cat grader blade, dozer blade, and backhoe can transform your skid steer or compact track loader into multiple machines. Regular attachments—including snow blowers, brushes, and hammers—add even more versatility.

Building your construction business requires planning to ensure you have the equipment you need when you need it. Working with us as you grow will help you reduce risk and allow you to scale up or down as needed.

There are numerous ways to get the equipment you need to create a thriving operation. We’ll help you find the solution that keeps you working – contact us today.

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