3 Reasons to Choose Small Construction Equipment Rental

17 April 2020

There are many benefits to owning your equipment, not least of which is that it belongs to you, giving you full control over it. But business owners are realizing that, in many cases, it can make sense to explore small construction equipment rental. Here’s why:

You can rent anything.

Everything we sell is available for rent. This allows you to test how a new piece of equipment fits into your fleet or whether you’ll get enough out of an attachment to justify the purchase.

We carry a variety of attachments at our branches, and we pride ourselves in having a big inventory. We also build our rental fleet based on what customers buy the most, because those are the machines and attachments that people need right now.

We don’t just rent Cat® equipment either. Our customers need aerial lift equipment, air compressors, pumps, and trench shoring products, and we make sure we can meet those needs.

You can choose from the most cutting-edge small construction equipment.

The average age of our rental fleet is about 15 months, so our entire technology suite is available with our machines. You’ll find back-up cameras on every machine, and every skid steer has a quick coupler. Most rental machines don’t have things like a climate-controlled cab and heated seats. But our customers want those features, so we include them.

We also do condition monitoring and have analysts that monitor the performance of the rental fleet. This means we can predict breakdowns and keep you informed so you can plan maintenance accordingly.

We use Cat telematics, and many rental machines come with Trimble technology and grade control. With our sophisticated tools, you can use your rental just as you would your own machine, even in the most critical situations.

You have the freedom to change your mind.

As the owner of a small construction business, you know how important it is to be able to act quickly. Equipment rental can allow you to do that.

Our rent-to-own program is very flexible, with no contractual agreement. That means that, if you want to buy the machine or attachment you’re renting, you can. We’ll sell it to you and give you a rental credit.

What if you decide you’re ready to buy a new machine? That’s fine too. Buy the other machine and we’ll work with you to ensure you’re happy.

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