3 Tips To Maintain Your Machine’s Undercarriage

Did you know that your undercarriage can account for 50% of the repair and maintenance expenses on track machines? Because your undercarriage is so vital to your machine’s overall health, it’s important to give it the proper care it needs. Are you giving your undercarriage enough attention?

Here are three tips and tricks to help prolong the life of your machine’s undercarriage:

Maintain proper track tension

Improper track tension is the number one cause of premature undercarriage wear on dozers. This improper tension can cause wear on your machine’s links, idlers, sprockets and bushings. Always check with your manufacturer’s recommendations on tension.

Keep tracks cleaned out

You face a variety of tough terrain and environmental conditions every day, and your equipment’s undercarriage takes the brunt of the punishment. Make sure you’re keeping your undercarriage free of material by frequently cleaning and checking for debris that may be caught in your undercarriage. This debris can cause significant wear and damage on important components.

Always reverse slowly

Reversing your machine at high speeds can cause unnecessary stress on your bushings and sprockets. It also changes the contact pattern, which results in increased wear.

We care about the success of your business and operations, and as your undercarriage specialists, we’re here to help you and answer any questions you might have. If you’re in need of an undercarriage replacement, please visit parts.cat.com or visit your local Finning branch.

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