4 Reasons to Invest in New Construction Equipment

6 July 2020

Upgrading your fleet can be one of your company’s biggest expenses, so it’s often tempting to wait until it’s absolutely necessary to buy a new machine. But this isn’t always the best decision, as it can lead to unexpected downtime just when you need your construction equipment the most. Here are four big advantages to investing in new equipment:

Increased productivity

New models are technologically advanced, allowing you to do more, faster. As new technological breakthroughs occur, construction equipment is also becoming easier to use so operators don’t need the skill sets they needed in the past. This gives you an expanded labour pool, allowing you to keep going even if some people aren’t available.

New machines are also more likely to stay operational. Although they require maintenance, they shouldn’t require repairs—and if they do, the repair is covered by warranty. With new construction equipment, you and your customers will know that your machine is capable of getting the job done.

Improved employee retention

Up-to-date construction equipment is easier to operate and much more comfortable than older models. Operators enjoy using new equipment—for many, it’s like getting the chance to play with a cool new toy. And showing your team that you trust them with your investment makes them feel valued and important.

Investing in new equipment will not only make people want to continue working for you, it will also boost their work ethic. When you get into a brand new Cat®, you want to get to work!

Enhanced job-site safety

Safety is the highest priority for business owners. Dated equipment can lead to accidents simply because parts get worn out.

New equipment creates a safer work environment because you don’t have to worry about worn-out parts potentially causing damage. It will also come with new safety features that are now available due to advances in technology.

Stronger first impression

Shiny, new construction equipment looks good on a job site, improving the image of your business. Customers will know that you care about your fleet and your people, and that you take pride in your work.

Investing in new equipment also tells customers that your business is flourishing. People often prefer to work with successful people because successful people are committed to achieving their goals.

Not sure how to go about buying your next piece of heavy equipment? Check out our step-by-step guide to make your decision easy!

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