5 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Dozer

17 June 2019

Buying a used dozer? Keep these 5 tips in mind when inspecting your new-to-you machine:

There are 7 areas to check on the undercarriage of a dozer.

Pads, rails, pins & bushings, idlers, rollers, segments, and cylinder stroke.

Are there dates or hours written on the filters?

Often, shops will mark down when the next service interval is due on a filter. You can verify how soon it needs to be changed via the machine's hour meter.

Look at the cutting edges and ripper shanks.

The dozer will have consumable parts on the dozer blade and the ripper (if equipped). Have a look to see if they need to be replaced.

Check the face of the blade.

A dozer blade sees a lot of dirt in a day, so look for areas that might be wearing thin or that may have already been repaired. This is a good indicator of how much life it has left.

Inspect uneven wear.

Sometimes the tracks on the dozer will wear faster on one side compared to the other. This could be because the tracks are tighter on one side or that the tractor spends more time turning one way when in use.

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