Case Study: Calgary Construction Company Sees Technology Benefits

3 July 2019

Kon Construction, a Calgary-based construction company, was the first in Western Canada to use Trimble Earthworks on their equipment.

Trimble technology provides an automated grading solution with highly accurate GPS positioning. Both management and staff found that the technology delivered more accurate grading results and saved them money.

What’s Your First Mount?

When you first buy a piece of heavy equipment for construction, it will come with your first attachment for your key service—whether that’s digging, grading, demolition, or any other application. This is the job your equipment will spend most of its time doing—and probably why you bought the equipment in the first place.


While adding the Trimble technology to their D6N seemed like a large purchase at the time, Kon Construction found that the tech was well worth the investment. Their estimates showed that just five jobs in the $500,000 range paid for the machine with added technology. “And these Cat machines run for 4,000 to 5,000 hours before they need servicing,” said Craig Surkon, Vice President and General manager, Kon Construction.


After installing Trimble Earthworks and 3D GPS on one of their dozers, they were able to easily check surveyor data and do their own quantity checks. “The accuracy allows us to move dirt once, instead of making a mistake and moving dirt twice which cuts into our profits,” said Surkon.

Get More Accurate Results Get More Accurate Results


Kon Construction is a growing company and is looking to add technology to some of their existing scrapers and other machines. The additional value will give a significant competitive advantage, as technology is still a new concept to many established construction companies. Their company saw a boost in business because of the high demand and requests from clients for their Cat machines with GPS. They feel confident that they will hit grade every time with this added technology - and it will save them money in the long run.


Trimble technology is not only useful on Dozers, the technology is compatible with Excavators, Motor Graders, Scrapers and Wheel Loaders. Going beyond Grade Control Systems, Trimble offers Compact Control Systems, Asphalt Control Systems, Payload Weighing Systems and Drilling Systems. It’s these types of technologies, provided by Finning and SITECH, that allow for construction companies to work smarter, not harder — and ultimately affect a business’ bottom line.


The company is now looking to install additional technology to their fleet to control costs and make for more streamlined operations. This initial investment in technology at Kon Construction has boosted their business through customer requests for the machines and more accurate grading results, which in turn, has saved them time and money and given them a competitive edge over their competition. Invest in your company’s bottom line with Trimble Earthworks.

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