Construction Solutions for Dealing with Weather

19 October 2020

In the world of construction, bad weather creates a host of challenges. Rain and snow threaten worker safety, as do strong winds and extreme hot or cold temperatures. Keeping your operation productive while ensuring everyone gets home at the end of the day means that you have to be flexible and plan for Mother Nature’s surprises. Fortunately, there are construction solutions that will reduce the impact of bad weather on your business.

Factor in weather delays

Bad weather is going to happen, so why not prepare for it? Keep track of the forecast and track patterns in weather so you can schedule projects accordingly. For example, plan to undertake projects during low-risk seasons.

As we head into winter, include possible delays in the budget and schedule. When preparing quotes, factor in the cost of construction solutions that will help you stay on schedule during cold snaps. Renting portable indirect fired heaters or portable electric heaters will help you keep working all winter long, and you only pay for what you need.

Be flexible

Make sure your clients know that you’re committed to the safety of your people, which may mean occasionally having to reschedule projects due to extreme weather. Safety is paramount—it only makes sense to plan projects around storms or severe heat waves or cold spells rather than pushing through.

Get prepared

Your team will be more productive if they can comfortably work in all sorts of weather. The right clothing and footwear will allow your people to get the job done—rain, snow, or shine.

If possible, provide some sort of shelter so your people can warm up in the winter and cool off in the summer. And always ensure everyone has water, especially during the dog days of summer.

Protect your projects

If you know there’s a storm coming, you can take steps to protect your construction projects. For example, gather all materials and tools and store them in a safe place. Use tarps to protect your work from rain, wind, or snow. You can also use storm drains to keep water away from specific areas of the work site.

Talk to us

Our team understands the risks of bad weather and the various construction solutions available to mitigate those risks. Renting equipment can help your business at the last minute or long term, and our experts are here to help you decide what you need and when you need it.

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