Dependable Partnership: A Stony Valley and Finning Success Story

12 September 2023

When Wayne Woodhouse, co-owner of Stony Valley Contracting first got into the business, Cat® equipment was leading in the industry. After 21 years, Stony Valley Contracting continues their loyalty to Cat, and the company has grown into a full service and delivery company. “Stony Valley is 100% Cat Equipment,” says Travis Drake, a sales representative for Finning Canada. Stony Valley Contracting also continues taking advantage of the services Finning offers.

“We utilize Finning 100% for the service work,” says Wayne. Stony Valley Contracting runs their machines to their extended warranty of 12,000 hours before they take them in and auction them off. This keeps the operating costs at what the company knows and allows the company to run newer equipment. “We’re looking for stability,” says Wayne.

Watch: The Stony Valley and Finning Success Story

Travis helps Stony Valley Contracting keep that stability. “[Travis] is our eyes and ears to report back to Finning and let them know what we’re dealing with,” says Wayne. Since he sees the same challenges day in and day out that Wayne and his crew see, Travis’s local availability is instrumental in ensuring operations run smoothest.

Smooth operations are crucial since Stony Valley Contracting is integral to supporting Oil Sands. “Without the equipment running, they can’t provide the service of anchorage to the producers in the region,” says Travis. Finning ensures that technicians are readily prepared, parts are in stock, and product support is available. Maintenance is necessary, such as having a technician that can work on a product with the right parts and support.

Wayne values Finning’s turnaround time in providing services. Their best service is their “ability to be able to react and get me back up and running,” Wayne says. After all, Finning and Stony Valley Contracting are a team. “Our success is dependent on their success,” says Travis.

Finning has been a big part of Wayne’s career, and to maintain the success that he and his company have already seen, Wayne will carry on working hand in hand with Finning and Travis. The Cat machines “are the heart and soul of the company,” says Travis, so Stony Valley Contracting will continue to put their loyalty and trust in Cat and Finning.

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