Eco-Edge Landscapes sees growth through reliability

18 July 2023

Reliable equipment is crucial to thriving in the world of landscaping, and this is why Bjorn Pohland, owner of Eco-Edge Landscapes, harnessed the bulletproof power of Cat® Equipment and the exceptional support of Finning to become one of Kelowna’s most respected landscape companies.

Eco-Edge Landscapes began with a battery-powered lawnmower for landscape maintenance and has expanded into heavy equipment and bigger jobs over the last 14 years. They focus on development and do everything from irrigation to foundation prep to technical excavation. “Our scope is broad,” says Bjorn.

To ensure maximum efficiency for their projects, Eco-Edge Landscapes relies on Cat machinery. The company’s fleet continues to grow, increasing from their first 236B Skid Steer to excavators and loaders. “We’ve had Cat machines ever since day one,” says Steven Wilson, the equipment operator and truck driver for Eco-Edge Landscapes.

Efficiency is not the only notable feature. Cat equipment is also built around the operator for utmost ease, which is why the machinery is the favorite. “A Cat is above everything else. The operator comfortability is unbeatable,” says Nathan McInnes, equipment operator and supervisor of Eco-Edge Landscapes. Creature comfort features include heated seats and Bluetooth stereo or smart attachments such as the Dozer Blade, Grader Blade, or Backhoe.

Tyler Chursky, a sales representative for Finning, plays a pivotal role in building the relationship between Eco-Edge Landscapes and Finning. His availability and dedication are instrumental in helping Bjorn choose which machines will propel his company to the most success. “The service is there behind us, and when we need to add equipment, Tyler’s there to find it,” Bjorn says.

Tyler doesn’t look at it like a transactional relationship. It’s not a customer and salesperson; it’s just a conversation. “Tyler has made it really easy to streamline the whole purchasing process from learning about our business to finding a machine that fits our needs”, Bjorn says.

Bjorn uses Finning to the full extent and all the Customer Value Agreements the company provides, such as service techs which are an important save in minimizing downtime. Tyler explains, “We can take care of any issues that we foresee coming in the future by using preventative maintenance,” such as having Finning’s technicians and condition monitoring team analyze the machinery.

Eco-Edge Landscapes and Finning are a durable and determined team. “Finning offers everything we need from a supplier, from parts to equipment to service. They’re there when we need them,” Bjorn says. Together, they can ensure Bjorn achieves his goals. In the future, Eco-Edge Landscapes plans to expand by keeping up with the new technology that Cat and Finning can introduce.

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