How Construction Site Heaters Help, Even if You’re Not in Construction

3 November 2020

Construction site heaters allow you to work through the winter months while keeping your people safe. People working outdoors in the cold run the risk of frostbite and even hypothermia, both of which can creep up on you.

The other benefit of heating equipment is that some types can be used to thaw frozen ground. This helps everyone—from construction companies to the homeowner—to get their jobs done on time and on budget.

Types of construction site heaters

Different types of heating options are available to you:

The type of heating option you choose depends on your application. For example, ground thaw is important at the beginning of the construction process, whereas indirect fired heaters are used to heat the inside of a structure. Large indirect heat is often used on pipeline projects. Oil and gas projects use both flameless heat and flameless ground thaw.

Renting construction site heaters provides you with a number of benefits. First, you only have to rent the heat you need when you need it. Second, you don’t have to worry about product mechanical concerns resulting in unscheduled downtime. We handle things for you if an issue should arise. Third, renting heat will keep you and your team working through the winter.

Who’s renting construction site heaters?

A broad range of customers are renting our construction site heaters. Here’s a look at who’s renting what and a few examples of what they may use:

Oil and gas

  • Indirect heat
  • Ground thaw
  • Flameless heat

Paving operations

  • Concrete curing – internal and external applications

Residential builders

  • Indirect heat
  • Ground thaw

Commercial contractors

  • Indirect heat
  • Ground thaw

Government facilities

  • Indirect heat


  • Ground thaw
  • Flameless heat
  • Indirect heat

Additional customers that rent heat are:

  • Utility companies

  • Entertainment industry companies

  • Pulp and paper companies

  • Building management companies

Interested in site heaters for your project? Talk to our experts today. They’ll help you determine your needs and the right type of heat for you.

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