How to Get the Most from Your Compact Track Loader

14 April 2021

Running a successful small business means paying attention to the bottom line and keeping your costs down. But sometimes your ability to take on a new project requires you to invest in new pieces of equipment—or forego the opportunity. Today’s equipment manufacturers understand that business owners don’t always have the ability—or even the desire—to keep adding to their fleets, so they’re making it easy to transform your compact track loader into multiple machines.

With the right attachments, your compact track loader can help you with all aspects of a project, from prep to clean up.

Site prep

Choose from the following attachments to do everything from mowing and mulching to moving material and grinding stumps:

Flatwork and foundation

These attachments allow you to smooth dirt, spread gravel, and transport cinder block with your compact track loader:

Structure and utilities

Move structural materials, dig for utilities, and trench with your compact track loader using these attachments:


Level dirt, remove rock, set sod, and plant trees with the following attachments:


Sweep, collect debris, and dump scrap material with these attachments:


Expand your seasonal capabilities and revenue opportunities with winter-specific attachments:

It’s best to use attachments from the same manufacturer as your compact track loader. This will give you the best compatibility and performance.

When buying or renting a compact track loader, consider features that increase efficiency and make it easier for the operator when using attachments. These include electronic dual self-levelling, which keeps the attachment level so you don’t have to readjust the angle each time the lift arms are lowered. Other useful features are return-to-dig and work tool positioners, which allow you to set the attachment angle and recall the setting whenever you need it.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can transform your compact track loader into multiple machines, talk to our experts. They’ll discuss the tasks you’d like your machine to perform and take you through the features mentioned above and more to help you maximize your efficiency and productivity on the jobsite.

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