How to Identify the Right Pump Rental for Your Business

19 March 2021

If your company is involved in commercial or industrial dewatering, or if you have a temporary issue with water or trash and sewage removal, renting a pump is one of the solutions available to you. Renting is faster than buying, so you can start removing water sooner rather than later. And you don’t have to make a major investment or worry about maintenance and storage costs. But which pump rental is best for your business?

First, you need to decide if renting a pump is better than buying one. Renting a portable pump is best for your business if you:

  • Need more pumps right away to meet a deadline
  • Need a pump to replace one that’s out of commission
  • Want to avoid the costs of owning a pump
  • Need a pump for just one project
  • Want to try before you buy
  • Want a pump with advanced technology

Types of pumps

Portable pumps

Portable pump are easy to take from jobsite to jobsite. They come with various maximum-discharge head sizes and water-flow capacities so you can choose the pump that’s right for your needs. They’re typically used in industries such as oil and gas, wastewater management, agriculture, quarry and aggregates, and construction.

Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps push water to the surface rather than pulling it, like pumps that sit next to the water do. This saves energy and time. Submersible pumps work well for activities such as sewage treatment, firefighting, deep-well drilling, mine dewatering, irrigation, and seawater handling. They can also be used as sump pumps.

Towable pumps

Towable pumps can be hitched to your vehicle for easy transport. They can be moved quickly within the area you’re working in or between jobsites. Choose a towable pump if you will have to move this piece of equipment around frequently.

Pump rental from The Cat® Rental Store

The Cat Rental Store has an inventory of thoroughly inspected, well-maintained pumps at competitive rates. Their experts provide excellent service, helping with product selection, flexible rental agreements, and getting the pump to you. When your rental pump needs maintenance or repairs, they’ll conduct the service to minimize your downtime. They’re also available for on-site emergency repair of your pump any time you need it.

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