How to Optimize Your Wheel Loader for Your Work

28 April 2022

Whether you rent or own, you can configure your wheel loader to help you work more efficiently. By optimizing your machine before you get it to the jobsite, you’re positioned for success and can hit the ground running. The following tips will help you get the most out of your machine:

  • Your first consideration should be your wheel loader bucket capacity and how it relates to lift height and full turn static tip load. Full turn static tip load refers to the amount of weight in the bucket that will cause your machine to tip over when the arms are level and the equipment is fully articulated. Knowing this amount will help you determine how much you can lift safely.

  • To get the right size of bucket for your wheel loader, determine the full turn static tip load and divide it by two. This will give you the rated load. Then divide that number by the material density.

  • If your work requires you to use your wheel loader to load a very tall truck or structure, you can increase the dump height with a rollout bucket. Alternatively, choose a wheel loader model that offers a high-lift linkage option.

  • You may need to use attachments for applications like blowing snow or power raking. In this case, ensure your wheel loader has enough hydraulic horsepower to operate the attachments you need.

  • If you’re working in urban or residential settings, you’ll need a wheel loader with a smaller turning radius to allow you to navigate tight spaces. This means choosing a smaller machine. Also, take into account the capacity of the trailer you’ll be using to get the wheel loader to your work sites.

  • When operator comfort is an issue, consider including technologies such as ride control, which creates a smoother ride, and programmable kickouts, which make it easier for the operator to control the arm movement. Other features you might want to include are cylinder snubbing to improve efficiency and rimpull control to lessen tire spin.

A wheel loader makes a good addition to your fleet whether you’re in construction, landscaping, forestry, or another industry. Thanks to their height, clearance, and visibility, these machines allow you to move large volumes safely and efficiently. Set yourself up for success by talking to us about how to configure your wheel loader for your unique work.

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