Jump-start Jobsite Productivity with an AC Rental

28 June 2021

There’s nothing better than a hot summer day—unless you’re on the job. When you’re working, heat slows you down and makes tasks unpleasant. Fortunately, Finning Power Systems Rental offers portable air-conditioning unit rentals to help your team chill out and be more productive on the job site.

Here are the advantages of using portable AC rentals:

· Create a comfortable climate.

This is obvious but important. Too much heat stresses your people, tires them out, and reduces efficiency. A comfortable climate keeps people from overheating so they can get the job done. Control the climate, and you’ll see better productivity.

· Lower the humidity.

In humid areas, it’s hard to be as productive as possible. Indoor AC keeps humidity low so it’s easier to work. It can also help you maintain good air quality in the building you’re in, as reduced humidity helps keep mildew and mold at bay.

· Protect your equipment.

Using AC rentals in your building protects technology and equipment that’s been designed to operate in a cooler environment. Preventing damage caused by heat and humidity ensures you don’t run into unexpected costs or downtime, and keeps your machines in the best possible condition.

· Show you care.

When your team knows you’re looking out for their safety and comfort, they want to do more for you. You might not be able to keep them cool all day, but a portable AC rental in a rest area will go a long way in helping you maintain a culture of looking out for one another as well as your clients.

Keep your jobsite cool with an AC Rental from Finning Power Systems Keep your jobsite cool with an AC Rental from Finning Power Systems

Keep your jobsite cool with an AC Rental from Finning Power Systems

Uses for AC Units

There are many reasons to rent an air conditioner. The most common uses are as follows:

Temporary structure cooling: AC creates comfortable temperatures to work in. It also acts as a dehumidifier if the structure is up but the concrete is not poured.

Transformer cooling: Finning Power Systems Rental offers direct-cooling options to allow electrical equipment to operate continuously without risking damage to the equipment.

Confined-space cooling: Keep the job site or work area at the right temperature to meet safety requirements, help your employees, and keep productivity up.

Event cooling: Keep your event areas at a comfortable temperature level, whether it’s a corporate function, Stampede event, Klondike Days event, or concert.

Electrical-room cooling: We offer temporary solutions for mechanical rooms to keep the rooms at the desired temperature and ensure your facility can operate 24/7.

HVAC retrofits and system upgrades: We offer a fast, temporary solution for HVAC systems.

Greenhouse cooling: Keep your greenhouse within a certain temperature range to promote plant growth. Units can also dehumidify the space.

Institutional cooling: In hospitals, air conditioning is written into the specifications to prevent mold spore growth. If current HVAC equipment fails on-site, we can provide a temporary solution.

The experts at
Finning Power Systems Rental can help you decide if a portable AC rental is right for you. Renting is a good option when it comes to air conditioning because you don’t have to pay for units during the months when they’re not necessary, helping you manage cash flow while ensuring your team is comfortable and able to complete projects on time and on budget. Chat with our team today about your rental needs.

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