LMC Equipment's Partnership with Finning Propels Business Growth and Success in the Okanagan Valley

8 June 2023

From playing with Cat® toys in the sandpit to now running Cat equipment throughout the Okanagan, Trent Dreger, founder and owner of LMC Equipment, knows how reliable and efficient Cat equipment is and how crucial it is for his company to succeed.

This is why teaming up with Finning has given his company the support and leverage it needs to thrive in the competitive world of construction and excavation.

LMC Equipment needs dependability and readiness as a company specializing in residential and commercial projects. This is what Tyler Chursky, a sales representative for Finning, promised when Finning and LMC Equipment joined forces.

Tyler's role in nurturing the collaboration with LMC Equipment has allowed the company to reach more significant goals consistently. Tyler understands Trent's mission of growth, and together, they bounce ideas and make purchase plans based on what Trent wants and what Tyler recommends. In addition, the trustworthy financing options and extensive network provided by Finning give Trent a seamless and worry-free collaboration and the convenience of focusing solely on delivering quality projects.

"Through the years, he's grown because he's been able to utilize our full spectrum of services that we can provide for him," says Tyler about the strong partnership between Finning and LMC Equipment. Since 2017, Finning has been supplying LMC Equipment with a piece of equipment yearly, almost like clockwork, building up to seven pieces that help with the residential earthworks and construction projects for the Okanagan Valley.

Watch: LMC Equipment's Partnership with Finning Propels Business Growth and Success in the Okanagan Valley

The dependability of Cat equipment drives the company's success. It helps them master their skills in septic installation, retaining walls, utility connections and upgrades, foundation digs, driveway builds, and slab prep. "Cat is the Lamborghini of equipment," says Kale Kuzemchuk, a foreman for LMC Equipment. It "gets the job done right." Cat equipment ensures operations run smoothly and operators work happily. "Nobody complains when they come to work and they're running a piece of Cat equipment," says Trent.

LMC equipment can take on more projects and grow their small business faster because of Finning's support and diverse range of equipment. "The relationship's been great. Communication has been there every step of the way for us. If we need anything as far as parts and service, it comes to us overnight," says Trent, appreciating the responsive customer support Finning provides.

LMC Equipment has set their sights on being a major player in the industry as they continue to excel in their field. With the unwavering support of Finning, exceptional Cat quality, and the vision Trent has had since building in the sandbox, LMC Equipment can lead the way to the future of construction and excavation.

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