Power-Play: How Finning Supports Yukon Energy During Winter Months

1 May 2023

Like any good hockey team, you need depth in order to win. And, for those energy producers that operate in cold winter climates, added assurance is needed to avoid being left short-handed.

As the Yukon’s prime energy generator, Yukon Energy knows that the stability of its system is vital. Their isolated grid serves approximately 40,000 Yukoners who depend on a consistent power supply during cold winter months.

So, to combat the potential stall of power supply during sub-zero conditions, Yukon Energy worked with Finning in 2017 to supply diesel generators for when the demand for electricity is at its highest.

Watch: How Finning Supports Yukon Energy During Winter Months

To support Yukon Energy’s complex network of hydro and thermal power, Finning’s rental and engineering teams collaborated closely with Yukon Energy’s engineering and operations teams to ensure that the assets selected seamlessly integrated within their system.

In the first year of working together, Finning supplied Yukon Energy with four diesel generators from Finning’s Rental Power division. And, to meet increased electricity demand, this past winter Finning supplied Yukon Energy with 17 additional generating units.

Yukon’s former Minister for Energy Mines and Resources, Ranj Pillai, announced that “the rental diesels are available in emergency situations, for example, should there be a loss of the Aishihik hydro plant or the Aishihik transmission line, to meet daily peaks.” This is especially important during the Yukon's cold winters.


“We get down to 40-below in the Yukon. And, since we’re an isolated grid, that means we can't call on anyone else to generate power for us.” 
Guy Morgan, Former Vice President of Operations — Yukon Energy

Yukon Energy

Finning has taken an active role in making sure that systems remain in top working order when power is needed the most. Going beyond regular maintenance, Finning’s Strategic Account Manager, Moe Jabouri, states that “our teams meet regularly to plan and prepare for adverse weather conditions.” This added level of collaboration is important in the partnership that the two organizations share as it helps to build rapport and trust between teams.

“I tell Mo that, when I arrive in the morning, his team is here. And, when I leave at night, his team is here. It shows that they put a lot of effort in,” says Guy Morgan, Former Vice President of Operations at Yukon Energy.

Finning takes a fully-integrated, client-focused approach to all of its work, including its work with Yukon Energy. “We feel like we are partners with shared goals,” states Jabouri. “We are all committed, from the executive to our technicians.”

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