Power Systems Solutions: Drive Efficiency and Reduce Emissions

8 July 2021

When it comes to power generation technology, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. When considering a power generation portfolio, diversity of supply and maintaining a balance should be your top priority, whether systems are purchased new or rented.

Here are a few technologies that are shaping the rental power systems industry and helping to support more sustainable power generation applications

Natural gas as a lower carbon-emitting fossil fuel

Natural gas is already well known as an affordable, clean, and reliable fuel choice to power your critical backup or standby application. Available both new and rental, natural gas power systems have seen big improvements in gas turbine technology and have maintained their reputation as a low-carbon-emitting technology.

Oil & Gas moving to electric power generation

The oil and gas industry is seeing an increase in the use of electric energy to drive compressors for pipeline gas. These compressors are quiet and produce no toxic exhaust, making them a more efficient option. They can also work continuously without any need to stop and refuel. However, when electricity costs are high, these systems can cause significant increases in operating expenses and can be difficult to use in remote locations.

Equipment telematics provides a line of site to the health of equipment

Connecting equipment means the health of the generator can be remotely managed and monitored, eliminating the risk of unplanned failures.

Telematics for construction equipment has been around for years but there has been a recent shift in its use on other assets and smaller equipment such as power systems. It can help ensure generators are running efficiently while keeping track of the locations of units.

Combining renewable energy like solar can bring cost savings

Solar microgrids provide cost effective power for on- and off-grid communities and commercial or industrial installations. Combining renewable energy with traditional generation, from utilities or generator sets can help develop an energy system specifically designed for your needs.

Combining renewable energy like solar can bring cost savings

Battery storage transforming the power sector

Utility scale battery storage is another big trend that is set to transform the industry in the upcoming years. As a low-cost energy storage solution, it will bring down the demand for coal and natural gas and help boost renewable energy production.

Battery storage transforming the power sector

CHP supports sustainability and emissions goals

While not available for rental, deployments of CHP is yet another power systems solution helping to conserve energy and further reduce emissions in the industry. CHP (combined cool/heat power) systems have the ability to run at a combined efficiency of up to 90%, helping to offset natural gas consumption. They use the heat byproduct of electric generations, waste heat is recovered and used for heating, cooling, dehumidification and other processing applications.

Green hydrogen is quickly gaining traction

Green hydrogen works by producing electricity from renewable resources. This may help solve the storage problem that plagues wind and solar power. When demand for renewables is low, excess electricity can be used to power the electrolysis that is needed to split the hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The hydrogen can then be stored or sent down a pipeline.

Dealers help to mitigate equipment failures

Many dealers now offer flexible, customized service agreements based on the business needs of the greenhouse. The benefit is immediate access to reliable service, repairs and breakdown response and since your equipment will be monitored remotely, you can be assured parts are stocked and delivered on time. Technology specialists and data analysts can also be used to monitor machine activity and analyze data to help counteract potentially negative outcomes and mitigate failures.

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