The CUBIQ Sustainability Dashboard Lowers Fuel Costs And Carbon Emissions

6 September 2022

At Finning, our CUBIQ team of experts has developed a Sustainability Dashboard to help our heavy construction and mining customers measure and monitor fuel burn in near real-time across their entire fleet of equipment, regardless of make or model, which results in reduced operational costs and lower carbon emissions.

Helping heavy construction and mining operators meet their environmental goals with new technology solutions

With strict regulations for environmental compliance and the opportunity to claim carbon credits, many heavy construction and mining enterprises across Canada are making the transition to more sustainable and efficient business operations. The requirements to participate in government-funded carbon neutral programs include measuring and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and reporting annually on the results.

The CUBIQ Sustainability Dashboard solution establishes a baseline for a company’s environmental goals, enables leaders to measure and monitor their CO2 emissions, and recommends actionable insights to improve operational efficiency. By providing visibility into fuel burn and equipment utilization, we empower heavy industries to maximize their fleets, reduce operational costs and increase asset utilization.

Our CUBIQ team of Finning industry, equipment, and technology experts helps you establish your key performance indicators (KPIs) based on industry-proven benchmarks

Whether you need help defining your environmental sustainability plan, or you want to improve the way your business uses data to make more efficient operational decisions, we begin every CUBIQ customer journey by taking the time to understand your specific challenges, so we can set a realistic baseline of KPIs for you to work toward.

To identify your baseline, we first need to connect every machine in your fleet of heavy equipment with telematic technology, then we can begin collecting the data points we need for our fuel burn calculations. Most machinery introduced in recent years will already be connected with telematics and we’ll be able to retrofit this technology into older generations of machinery.

And while our CUBIQ team has access to the Finning dealership network, that carries a full range of modern Cat® equipment available to lease or rent, we’re also able to connect telematic technology across a mixed fleet of equipment. This ensures you receive complete visibility across your entire operation, and that the data we collect is consistent across every machine in your fleet. This is how we establish a baseline between different equipment manufacturers when we begin to compare metrics.

We develop and deploy your customized CUBIQ Sustainability Dashboard to collect and analyze your aggregate fuel burn data points and measure them against your KPIs

After we establish a consistent reporting standard across your entire fleet of heavy equipment, we develop and deploy your customized CUBIQ Sustainability Dashboard to capture your operation’s aggregate fuel burn data. The purpose of this dashboard is to provide a centralized place where you can quickly and easily view a summarized snapshot of how efficiently your machines are being utilized on site and compare them against the baseline KPIs.

There are a few important features we provide within the CUBIQ Sustainability Dashboard, each providing visibility into key performance metrics that will allow your fleet managers to make intelligent, actionable decisions on how to improve the efficiency and environmental sustainability of your machinery.


  • Report and measure CO2 output on any make or model machine
  • Compare asset performance between any make, model or year
  • Monitor and reduce idle time
  • Reduce unproductive fuel burn
  • Evaluate unproductive asset costs
  • Identify poor performers
  • Quantify unproductive asset hours and the impact on warranty

While the CUBIQ Sustainability Dashboard is designed as an easy-to-understand overview of your fleet, you can access deeper layers of the data to identify the areas that are not meeting your baseline targets. And with data updated in near real-time, you can make responsive and proactive adjustments to how your equipment is being utilized on site.

We identify areas for improvement and recommend action-driven solutions

By capturing fuel burn data across your entire fleet in near real-time and having it immediately accessible in your CUBIQ Sustainability Dashboard, you now have visibility and insight into operational inefficiencies that may be occurring, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

With the ability to segment your data and isolate individual machines or equipment operators, you can identify where your environmental sustainability performance is lagging. Our CUBIQ team can help analyze the data and recommend action-driven solutions on how to correct the root causes of any deviation from your KPIs.

This could include identifying which equipment operators are idling their machines longer than necessary, isolating which machines are consuming fuel at higher rate than the industry standard, or uncovering whether there are any unproductive bottlenecks across your fleet’s operation. Based on the scenarios described above, our recommendations could involve providing more training for inexperienced equipment operators, scheduling an underperforming machine for servicing or parts replacement, or modifying an inefficient haul plan into a more productive way to manage your entire fleet.

As your technology solution partner, our CUBIQ team works with you throughout the life of your project. We are always striving to provide detailed accurate data, to analyze and consolidate the information and to recommend strategies that that will improve your operation’s efficiency and sustainability.

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