Tips and Tricks: Comparing Ground Conditions

21 August 2018

Let's compare how three loader product families perform on different ground conditions so you can choose the best machine for your application.

We take a look at the difference between a Compact Wheel Loader, Compact Track Loader, and a Skid Steer Loader. Both the Compact Wheel Loader and the Skid Steer Loader will perform well on firm ground conditions.

If you're working in conditions with uneven terrain, if the ground is wet, or you're looking to lengthen your work season, you're probably better off using a Compact Track Loader. The Track Loader offers the greatest versatility because they have the lowest ground pressure, they perform best on inclines, and they have the greatest load stability.

Which machine is right for your business?

Reach out to our Finning team today and we'll help you pick the right machine for your business.

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