Tips and Tricks: Daily Maintenance

We take a look at the everyday maintenance you should be performing on three loader product families. Is your machine getting regular maintenance?

Skid Steer Loader

Make sure you're checking that your coolant is at an acceptable level, that your engine oil has been maintained, that your fuel filter is primed, that your belt has the correct amount of tension, and that your air filter is clean. You should also be checking your machine's grease points, hydraulic fluid levels, and, in some cases, you'll need to top up your DEF fluid.

Compact Track Loader

Again, with this machine, you should be looking at your coolant level, engine oil, fuel filter, belt tension, air filter, grease points, hydraulic fluid levels, and DEF fluid. In addition to those, you should be looking at your track belt tension and that you're greasing the torsion axle suspension.

Compact Wheel Loader

You should be hitting all the same maintenance points with the Compact Wheel Loader, but with this machine you'll be able to access everything a bit easier with the hood of the machine lifted. This piece of equipment also has additional grease points that you'll need to tend to because of its ability to oscillate and articulate when working. Don't forget to keep an eye on your tire pressure!

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