Tips and Tricks: Rebuilds

3 July 2019

Did you know that most equipment is built to be rebuilt? Learn more about rebuilds and how they can save your business money.

When you buy a piece of equipment, you want it to last as long as possible while maintaining the lowest cost per hour to operate. 90% of equipment failures are preventable. It can cost you two and a half times more to fix your machine after failure than if you repaired it before there were issues.

When you're considering a rebuild, you need to determine whether you need a CPT (Certified Power Train) Rebuild, a CPT Plus (Certified Powertrain Plus Hydraulics) Rebuild, or a CCR (Cat Certified Rebuild). From there, you can weigh those rebuild costs against the cost of buying brand new.

The decision to go with a rebuild can also vary based on how long you are going to keep the machine, the availability of a new machine, and the value of the machine prior to a rebuild.

Most medium size and large equipment is built to be rebuilt, so you often have the choice to rebuild or buy new. If you’re considering a rebuild on your machine, you should look at whether it’s the right option for your business based on the type of machine you own and how many hours are on it.

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