Tips and Tricks: Visibility

12 September 2018

Let's take a look at the visibility and blind spots on three Cat® Loader product families. When operating heavy equipment you want to ensure that your view is always as clear as possible. You'll stay safe and avoid blind spots once you know the visibility of the machines on your job site.

Compact Wheel Loader

This machine sits high up, giving you the ability to see your surroundings very well. You should have full visibility of the corners of your buckets when picking up material - and you can ensure your surroundings are clear when backing up because you have glass paneling on all four sides.

Compact Track Loader

With this piece of equipment, you still have very good visibility from the sides and front of the machine. However, your visibility is reduced somewhat when you look out the back window because of the machine's pillars. The good news is, most modern machines are equipped with a large convex mirror and back-up camera, which allow you to see your surroundings in the rear.

Skid Steer Loader

Like the Compact Track Loader, the Skid Steer Loader has good visibility out of the front and sides, but you need to rely on the rear-view mirror and back-up camera to back your machine up safely. It's easy to see where your wheels are in the front of your machine.

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