Why Choose The Cat® Rental Store for Trench Shoring?

13 June 2023

As June is safety awareness month, we’re discussing the benefits of using The Cat® Rental Store’s trench shoring installation experts for your projects. Trenches present a number of dangers, including cave-ins, falls, and exposure to dangerous gases. Preventing those accidents is critical, and that’s where The Cat Rental Store can help.

Working with a manufacturer-trained installation advisor gives your company the assurance you need that the shoring is installed to engineer and manufacturer specifications and is compliant with provincial legislation. Your trench shoring installation advisor provides site-specific engineered shoring plans and has the appropriate tools for assembly, such as pry bars, tag lines, and clevises. They’ll also have replacement parts, such as pins, keepers, and spacing chains, on hand if something is missing from the trench shoring solution.

Save time and boost productivity

Installing new trench shoring requires your team to jump on the learning curve, taking up valuable time. A Cat Rental Store trench shoring installation advisor has thousands of hours of product experience and will ensure your shoring is built safely and efficiently, reducing build time and eliminating guesswork.

The advisor will evaluate your job site conditions, communicating safety hazards in real-time, and can offer tips to prevent or reduce the risk of damage to your equipment during installation. Your crew will have access to site plans and instructions, as well as engineering and inspection expertise. The advisor will also provide on-site training for pre-use inspection, basic soil identification, and reading the TAB data.

Build on our experience

A Cat Rental Store trench shoring installation advisor can provide advice and recommendations based on years of industry experience. They can advise on applications best suited for all safety accessories, such as ladders and davit arms, as well as on rigging techniques to safely install or remove shoring from an excavation. Finally, the advisor will be able to give you product recommendations for future projects to make your job even easier.

Easy step-by-step process

If you’d like to ensure safety, save time, and increase productivity on your next trench shoring project, talk to our team at The Cat Rental Store. We’ll discuss all aspects of your project, including site conditions, safety requirements, budget, and your approach to shoring, and recommend the best shoring solutions for you.

Depending on your needs, our team can provide estimates, design, on-site consultation, and training / Installation support. Once you’ve selected the solution that’s right for you, we’ll reserve it for the desired project start date and be on site to make sure everything goes smoothly — and safely.

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